No time for poorly managed meetings?
Improve the preparation and effectiveness of your meetings. With Youspire, your team meetings become productive and your 1:1s personal. Keep track of decisions made.
Prepare, discuss, decide,
and document
We provide your team with a set of tools that will help you efficiently plan and conduct meetings.
Perfectly prepared for meetings
Meetings are expensive, so get the most out of them. Easily create an agenda for the meeting. Involve meeting participants for optimal preparation and a productive meeting.
Decisions are the actual result of meetings, they should be documented. Simply conduct votes and polls in the meeting and document the result automatically.
Simply decide
Document tasks and
Write down tasks and assign them to a participant. Keep track of all assignments.
Work more effectively with Youspire
Work on all devices
Youspire is responsive. So you always have an overview of your meetings, no matter where you are.
Easy to use
We have developed a simple user interface that you will get used to in no time.
Meeting and documents
You can upload documents / minutes and files to your meetings. Each meeting can be downloaded as a PDF.
Work from anywhere
Are you spread around the world? Access discussions from anywhere and communicate effectively without losing a second.
Meeting Tools
With Youspire you can vote, take minutes and record decisions. Every meeting can be downloaded as a PDF.
Easy integration
No login required. Youspire can be easily integrated into your organisation via a link.
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